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Marathi Movies 2020 : Latest Marathi Movies
Not Just Entertainers, But Comes With A Grand Social Message

Maharashtra a city that never sleeps and is one of the wealthiest states in India. Maharashtra attracts every enthusiast and business people, and there is no need to mention the reasons. This state generates a tremendous amount of wealth because here you will find many hard-working as well as rich people. Like other things, Marathi Movies, folk songs, and unique heritage culture, Maharashtra is distinguished straightforwardly. When the big screen came into existence, Marathi movies were top-rated even as compared to the Hindi movies. The first movie "Raja Harish Chandra "made in Bombay in 1931 by Dadasaheb Phalke. Though it was a Marathi movie but was a silent movie. Marathi film industry is the oldest and the most popular entertainment source among movie watchers. Today you can witness some of the high Marathi Movies 2020 that are not just entertaining but also display social messages, history of Maharashtra, and much more.

The subject of Marathi movies sends the right message and highly entertains its audiences. There are highly grossing Marathi films of all time, which one can easily find online. Marathi film is not about entertainment but also an eye-opener to the society. One such movie is KAASAV ( story of a suicide survivor), Nadi Vahate ( social message related to nature ), The Silence( based on sexual abuse), and the list goes on. In 2020, you will be able to stream incredible movies of all genres like comedy, action, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. All those who are a great fan of Marathi movies must check the Latest 2020 Marathi Movies Online. Not only films but Marathi songs are also great entertainers.

Marathi Movie Download

It will not be wrong to say that Marathi movies are loved to watch everywhere in the world because of the social message, entertainment, dancing styles, and songs. In 2020 viewers will get highly entertained because of the experiments of Marathi filmmakers who are going to be lovely to watch in 2020.

Download New Marathi Movies Online

Everyone needs entertainment at every phase of their life, which can help them get out of stress. The same is true for Marathi people this year. New Marathi Movies are not only a source of entertainment for Marathi people but as well for people living in other states and cities. They can watch movies in the Marathi language if they understand it. Otherwise, there are dubbed Marathi movies that one can watch online. In 2020, several new movies are coming to entertain people in different ways. Some new movies in the Marathi language are Girlfriend, Choricha Mamla, AB Aani CD, Khel Ayushyacha, Vijeta, Mann Fakiraa, Kesrai, Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal and many more. One can discover this list by going online.

There are lots of online movie websites, which give complete access to watch old and New Marathi Movies in your comfort zone. Also, there is a ‘download’ option that will offer you a chance to watch a movie in an offline mode on your computer, laptop, tablets, or smartphones.

We cannot deny that Marathi cinema that may not be considered as the best in this world at this moment, but in the coming period, it will be having those mavens, who are rich and contributing to the Marathi film industry. There are generations of actors, writers, and directors, who are known as proud celebrities for years to come. So, if you want to check out the upcoming and latest Marathi movies, gossips, movie trailers, or movie release dates for 2020, then look online. You will be going to add more entertainment and enthusiasm in your life with new Marathi movies, especially online.

List of Marathi Movies

This article is for only educational purpose. There is no direct download of movies.. You must watch Marathi movies on Youtube with Official Channel.

Mahakal Status - (महाकाल स्टेटस) Jai Mahakal Photo, WallPaper, Images

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Mahakal Status - (महाकाल स्टेटस) Jai Mahakal Mahakal Status in Hindi | Jai Mahakal Bholenath Status, Wallpaper

महाकाल स्टेटस

Hello Friends,

Welcome to our blog checkout Different Status or WhatsApp Status in Section of "Status". In this post we are adding all Status related with Mahakal (महाकाल) Like Mahakal Status, Mahakal Quotes, Har Hai Mahadev in Hindi Status, Mahadev Status, बाबा महाकाल status, Mahakal Images etc.

There are many people are looking for "Mahakal Status" to share on Whatspp or facebook then here we are added a many status related with Mahakal.

We hop you like this post and share on your Whatsapp and facebook. Here we are adding lots of Mahakal attitude Status and many more facebook Images of महाकाल.

Mahakal Status | Jai Mahakal Attitude Status in Hindi

जिन्दा #साँस और मुरदा राख
चिलम मे #गाँजा दूध मे #भाँग
देव भी सोचे बार #बार
#दम लगाये #हजार बार
ऐसे है #महाकाल
#महाकाल तुम से छुप जाए मेरी #तकलीफ
#ऐसी कोई बात #नही ।
#तेरी_भक्ती से ही #पहचान है मेरी #वरना
#मेरी कोई #ओकात_नही ।।
शिव की ज्योति से नूर मिलता है,
सबके दिलों को सुरूर मिलता है;
जो भी जाता है भोले के द्वार,
कुछ न कुछ ज़रूर मिलता है!
#भोले तने तो सारी #दुनिया पार #तारी हे
#कदे मेरे #सर पे बी #हाथ_धर क कह दे
#चाल_बेटे_आज तेरी #बारी हे

महादेव महाकाल के दमदार स्टेटस

Mahakal Status

महादेव महाकाल

महादेव महाकाल

Jai Mahakal

Mahakal Bhakt Status | जय श्री महाकाल स्टेटस

हम महाकाल नाम की शमा के छोटे से परवाने है,
कहने वाले कुछ भी कहे हम तो #महाकाल के दिवाने है..!
हम महादेव के दिवाने है, तान के सीना चलते है ।
ये महादेव का जंगल है, जहाँ शेर करते दंगल है ।
मेरे महाकाल तुम्हारे बिना मैं शून्य हूँ …..
तुम साथ हो महाकाल तो में अनंत हूँ
#महाकाल #Mahakal
ॐ में ही आस्था,
ॐ में ही विश्वास,
ॐ में ही शक्ति,
ॐ में ही सारा संसार,
ॐ से होती है अच्छे दिन की शुरुवात,
बोलो ॐ नमः शिवाय !!

Jay Shree Mahakal Status For Whatsapp

Jay Mahakal Status

Mahakal Status For Whatsapp

Mahakal Status

Incoming Search Terms :
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Mahadev Attitude Status In Hindi And English
Mahakal Bhakt Status And Shayari In Hindi
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Har Har Mahadev Attitude Status In Hindi
Bholenath Status - भोलेबाबा स्टेटस in Hindi for Whatsapp

Aaple Sarkar (आपले सरकार) @

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Aaple Sarkar (आपले सरकार) @

Devendra Fadanvis, "CM of Maharashtra" told in party manifesto is then we start one online portal for peoples to solve their problems. As per he said, he completed his words. One 26 January 2015, Maharashtra Government's Information and Technology division launched new web portal "Aaple Sarkar "(". This web portal acts as a intermediate in between government and peoples. using this portal people directly discuss their problems with state government. From this article you get a all detailed information of "Aaple Sarkar".

Aaple Sarkar

Aaple Sarkar(आपले सरकार" Official website.

It's a portal where Maharashtrian people direct contact with state ministry, This Aaple Sarkar web portal operated from chief minister's office. Before this web portal people always contact with ministry office for their work. But now it made very easy because you don't need to go ministry office. You get a information on single click on this web portal. From this portal you need to register your complaint online and get reply from it.

Official Website :

Main Aims of Aaple Sarkar

There are main three aims of Apple Sarkar Web Portal:
  • Register you complaints (तक्रार नोंदविणे)
  • RTI Register (माहितीचा अधिकार दाखल करणे)
  • New Suggestions (नाविन्यपूर्ण सूचना)

Complaint Registration & Prevention:

You have any public complaint then you register directly on web portal. After registering a complaint your get a "Complaint Registration Number" (टोकन क्रमांक). By using this number you can check your complaint progress.

Right to Information:

You want to do RTI application under any ministry division then you can sent application under RTI. After that application, you pay fees through Internet Banking or Credit Card/Debit Card.

Right to Service (New Suggestions) :

From this section of web portal, you must suggest new and good things to make better Maharashtra. After your suggestion government consider your new ideas and new things ; will be implemented in future.

From this Apple Sarkar Web Portal you register your complaint regarding general Public Services and all Ministery work. Government is not planning to start a web portals for all divisions and district offices.

Complaints are not acceptable

Sub Judicial complaints and complaints related with personal and family matters. These types of all complaints are not acceptable on "Aaple Sarkar" Web Portal.

How to use Aaple Sarkar Web Portal?

There is main question is how to use Aaple Sarkar Web Portal. Checkout the procedure for Apple Sarkar web portal use.

  • First go to official website of Aaple Sarkar :

This aaple sarkar website is available in both Marathi and English Language.

After opened website; you see five icons :
  • Right to Services (RTS) (सेवा हक्क कायदा)
  • Grievances Redressal (तक्रार निवारण)
  • Right to Information (माहितीचा अधिकार)
  • MyGov (माझे सरकार)
  • Maha Schemes (महा योजना)

>> You want which section you want to go. Click on it.

>> Now you see two Section one is "Post" and another is "Track"
If you want to register then you must enter your "Mobile Number" and "Email Id" to Enter
Same procedure for Tacking you complaints.

Right to Information (RTI) Online (First State in India)

Maharashtra is the first state who started a RTI online. other wise you want to file a RTI the you must uses a court stamp fees but here you can pay this fees by using online banking services.

Here we are added a most of details of Aaple Sarkar Web Portal..

Aaple Sarkar (आपले सरकार)

Checkout Official Website of Aaple Sarkar:


VIPMarathi - VIP Marathi Download Free Marathi Mp3 Songs

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VIPMarathi - VIP Marathi

You are looking for a Latest Marathi Songs then most of internet users uses "VIPMarathi" web portal. VIP Marathi is the web where you got a Marathi MP3 songs.

Now days there are lots of Marathi Movies releases every Friday. Most of Movies have beautiful songs. Few Last most popular songs from Marathi Movies are Zingaat, Apsara Ali, Morya Morya, Lagnalu and many more..

VIP Marathi

VIPMarathi is the Best website for MP3 Songs but it's not a legal way to download mp3 songs and listen Marathi songs. Indian Government recently declared that you don't download songs/movies from any pirated sites. You must download any songs from official website of music release production.


VIPMarathi Website Layout (How to Use)

Just go to vipmarathi web portal and you get a search box or category like "Featured Songs" where you get a latest movie songs.

After that you get a "Latest Updates" Category. In the latest update category you see all new movies songs.

You got a some other different categories as follows:
  • Marathi Full Mp3 Songs
  • A To Z Marathi Movie Songs
  • Most Popular Marathi Songs
  • Marathi Serial Mp3 Songs
  • Marathi DJ Mp3 Songs
  • ShivajiRaje Powada
  • Marathi Lawnya
  • Marathi Ringtones
  • Lokgeete Koligeete
  • Devotional Mp3 Songs

How to Download Marathi Songs from VIP Marathi?

When you enter VIP Marathi site then you just go with latest updates or any songs which you want. Select that one. You got a song in mp3 format.

VIP Marathi's Subsidiary Sites

There are many subsidiary sites of VIP Marathi Like

We are not encouraging you to download any songs from this type of sites because it's not a legal way to download any Marathi songs and listen. You must use legal way to download any kind of Marathi Songs.

Download Marathi MP3 Songs from Internet

There are many legal ways to download any Marathi mp3 songs. You go to "" and just enter any movie name and download mp3 songs of it. While searching mp3 songs any kind of illegal or ban then don't go with that sites.

But few of sites restart the same work again.

Don't Download MP3 songs from any illegal websites.


We are totally against of Piracy. We are not doing any promotion of piracy because any kind of download these type is totally illegal. Indian government already told that any kind of piracy is not tolerate. If you are selling any kind of piracy material then you must pay penalty and got a jail of you.

VIPMarathi Related News


DJMaza Bollywood Movie Songs Music & Videos MP3 Songs

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DJMaza 2019 MP3 Songs

DJMaza is the most popular mp3 music download site for Indian Users. This site have most of all Hindi, English and Punjabi songs. Many of Indian users are used this website to download latest movie songs. Now days this site is not have only three language movie songs but it covers most of Indian languages songs in mp3 format.

This website is not only contains mp3 music but also there are provides you HD Videos also.


DJMAZA Website Layout

When you open a layout of DJMAZA you see different options and you choose any one of it. You see there are different selecting options like MUSIC, VIDEOS, CHARTS, CONTACT.

MUSIC : Selecting a "MUSIC" options you see different selecting options like Bollywood, Pop Music, English Music. You select anyone of it which you want to listen or download. After selecting any one of category; you got different options. Example: You choose "Bolltwood"; then you see options like "Bollywood Albums" and "Bollywood Singles"

There are many other options you see on website of DJMAZA as follows:

  • Bollywood Albums
  • DJ Remix Albums
  • Punjabi Albums
  • Indipop Albums
  • English Albums
  • Special Release

You want to search your favorite song by selecting "Artist/Singer"; "Music Director"; "Lyricist"

On the Homepage of DJMaza you find a some extra category like

  • DJMaza Special Release
  • Top Songs

Music Format available on DJmaza

While searching any songs to be download from DJMaza with specific format then you got two options to download your favorite song. First one is you download song in 128Kpbs file and second one is 320Kbps. 320Kbps is the most popular format to listen the music. Another option is available with MP3 Songs is you can listen music online on website without download.

Download MP3 Bollywood Songs from DJMAZA

While using sites like DJMAZA and other mp3 download site you must understand that they are posting new mp3 songs with pirated version. Therefore google and music production films are paying attention on this type of site to remove from google search engines.

Here our suggestions for you to must download songs and latest music from official website of Music Production or their recommended sites.

Sites with Same Name like DJMAZA :

On this type of website you download latest movies songs but it's not legal way to download songs because Indian Government declared that you can download movies songs from official website not from website like songspk, mrjatt, mp3juices,myfreemp3.

Why People use DJMaza?

Most of peoples use DJMaza for download mp3 songs because it is not require to create account or do any kind of registration. But is not legal way to download mp3 songs.

We are not promoting free download songs site. We are aware people to what they are doing wrong. We are trying peoples to avoid this type of sites.

MSBTE Model Answer Paper

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MSBTE or Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education board now updated latest MSBTE Model Answer paper for students who are preparing for MSBTE Summer/Winter 2018 examination.
Most of students want to get a latest information regarding MSBTE Model Answer Paper to more marks in upcoming MSBTE Examination. Students download this Model question papers and use this questions as reference for upcoming MSBTE Examinations.

Most of Question Papers, Answer Papers, Syllabus, Examination Time Table and related all notifications are available on official website of MSBTE ( and Most of information related with MSBTE updated on our blog also ( You can Like us on Facebook Page to get Latest notification related with MSBTE.

Here we are also updating the previous question Papers related with MSBTE from other websites Before checking any related information with MSBTE Model Answer Paper, you must check on official website of it.

How to Download MSBTE Model Answer Paper and MSBTE Question Paper?

Here we are adding you latest MSBTE Question Paper and Model Answer Paper. While downloading you just click on your Examination Paper Code and Click the Right button of Mouse and save.
You get a Model Question paper in pdf format now you take a Print out and use it for your study.

While Searching for MSBTE Model Answer Paper pdf or MSBTE Model Question Paper, you face any problem then just comment below we will try to solve your problem.

Students of MSBTE 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year with all semester (1st sem, 2nd sem, 3rd sem, 4th sem, 5th sem, 6th sem) of all courses (Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering) can download Model Answer Paper with you sample question Paper.

Here are the MSBTE Model Answer Paper Summer 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 pdf

Sem 1
Sem 2
Sem 3
Sem 4
Sem 5
Sem 6

How to Get a MSBTE Model Answer Paper?

  • While you are finding for MSBTE Model Answer Paper then you just check out latest Model Answer Paper by using following few steps of it.
  • First go to official website of MSBTE:
  • Then Just Select "Examination" Tab and Select "Model Answer Search"
  • Now you see a new window.
  • Select the Examination either Winter or Summer
  • Then "Enter Paper Code"
  • Click on "Search" Button you get your Model Answer Paper.

How to Search a MSBTE Model Question Paper Search?

While Searching for MSBTE Model Question Paper Search you need to follow few simple steps to find "MSBTE Model Question" Paper.
  • First go to official website:
  • Select the "Examination" Tab.
  • Now Select "Question Paper Search"
  • Now "Select Exam" and "Enter Paper Code"
  • Then Click on "Search" Button.

Check the MSBTE Model Answer Paper Winter 2013
Download MSBTE Model Answer Paper Summer 2014
MSBTE Model Answer Paper Summer 2015 Download
MSBTE  Sample Question Paper 2018
READ MORE... mdm | Saral mdm

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Mid Day Meal Scheme

Maharashta Government recently launched Mid Day Meal Scheme through Saral Website Portal: Firstly this scheme was launched in 22 November 1995. At that time Government give 3 Kg Rice free of cost to every student from 1st Std to 5th Std. In 2002, This scheme changed. From that time School cooked mid day meal at school. From 2008, This scheme is changed and mid day meal also started for 6th Std to 8th Std.

How to Fill Mid day Meal in Daily Format

Mid day Meal Daily Format

>> First open the "Homepage" and then enter your School Pre Information. E.g. School Name, Daily Menu etc..
>> Click into Cell and you get a Dropdown Menu to use options in that.
>> From Homepage you enter into any month.
>> File is create from month April to March.
>> Enter your DATA like Month, How many students, Dates etc.
>> Starting of month, you need to add all details of grains.

Saral mdm

MDM App| MDM Mobile APP Download

You want to fill daily information of Mid Day Meal then you can not fill this information through old version of MDM App. New version of mdm mobile app is available on official website of Maharashtra Education. First uninstall old app of MDM and then try to install new MDM Mobile App.
Direct Link of New App of MDM given at below.

MDM Login | mdm login

MDM Login

For login MDM you can login through MDM App or through Login
There are few simple steps to login your account through education Maharashtra.
>> Enter your User ID and then your enter password first.
>> Enter Captcha
>> Click on to Login Button.
>> You got a your MDM Login.

MDM app | mid day meal maharashtra app download

You have question regarding mid day meal Maharashtra App then you download it through Google Play Store.
Otherwise you down on the official website and then select "Downloads" and go with Mobile Related Download. Take a Download of MDM App.

MDM Contact:
MDM toll free number - 18002339988
Official Website: