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Government of Rajasthan launched the portal named E-Mitra on www.emitra.gov.in to provide all government schemes and related all information to common peoples. E-Mitra project started in 2005 and run with Client Server based Application Software. Now days, E-Mitra implemented in all Districts of Rajasthan. (Including 33 Districts with rural & urban areas.)
You can download your Caste Certificate, Bonafide and other few certificates with digital signed.

emitra.gov.in | RajSSO or Rajasthan Single Sign On

You can use your E-Mitra account with RajSSO because RajSSO or Rajasthan SSO application have all Rajasthan government Services under one App.
E-Mitra is also launched Android App; you can use this app to use all services of Rajasthan Government.

How to Login E-Mitra from www.emitra.gov.in

You have already registered with E-Mitra then you follow few simple steps and get login into your E-Mitra account.

Step 1: First go to official website of Emitra : http://emitra.gov.in
Step 2: Enter your EMitra Login Id and Password
Step 3: Enter Security Code
Step 4: Now you can click on to "Login Button"
Now you can access your Emitra account.
Emitra SSO

How to Register E-Mitra or E-Mitra Registration

You don't have account and want to create a E-Mitra account then you can just follow few simple steps and Register yourself for E-Mitra.
Now you can click Register button on E-Mitra then you see the new window of Rajasthan SSO will open. Now you can register through Rajathan SSO. After registering the Rajasthan SSO you can get all Rajasthan Government Application under one roof.


Check Here to Get Rajasthan SSO or sso.rajasthan.gov.in Registration

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