Security Checks Preventing Login

Hello you are facing a problem of "Security Checks Preventing Login" then you need to solve with few simple steps.

There are lots of people are using Facebook social media platform to interact with each other. But some other people are try to access others account at that time Facebook temporarily lock your Facebook profile. You need to follow few procedure to get unlock it.

Security Checks Preventing Login

For unlock your account you can choose "Security Checks Preventing Login" Form to unlock it.

Security Checks Preventing Login

You are not able to login your account then you must go without following steps which are involved in it.

  • First go with Security Checks Preventing Login Form.
  • Your account is locked due to some security checks and not received security code.
  • You must describe what is the problem to access your account and provide your email id where Facebook contact you.
  • Mention the reason where you are not receiving security code.

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