JK Lakshmi Cement SRM | jklc srm Login

Are you looking for JK Lakshmi Cement SRM portal for your jklc srm Login; then Here we are providing you step by step guide for How to do a Login?

JK Lakshmi Cement SRM

For doing a JKLC SRM Login you must go with official website of JK Lakshmi Cement SRM. JK Lakshmi is the one of leading and most popular cement company in India. It has very good reputation.

How to do JK Lakshmi Cement SRM?

You are looking for a JKLC SRM Login then follow few simple steps and get access your account.

Step 1 : Go to official website : https://www.jklakshmicementsrm.com/SRM/

jklc srm Login

Step 2 : Enter your "Username"

Step 3 : Enter your "Password" Correctly.

Step 4 : Put "Captcha" Code as shown in image.

Step 5 : Click on "LOGIN" Button.

JK Lakshmi SRM Forgot Password

You don't remember password for your JK Lakshmi Cement SRM account. Then just follow few simple steps and get your password Recovered.

Step 1 : First go to official website : https://www.jklakshmicementsrm.com/SRM/

JK Lakshmi Cement SRM Forgot Password

Step 2 : Click on "Forget Password" Button.

Step 3 : Follow the Instructions to get recover your password.

JKLC SRM Change Password

You want to change your JKLC SRM Password then just go with following steps and change your password.

Step 1 : Go to Official website : https://www.jklakshmicementsrm.com/SRM/login.aspx

Step 2 : Click on "change Password"

JK Lakshmi Cement SRM Password

Step 3 : Enter your "User-ID"

Step 4 : Add your "Old Password"

Step 5 : Put "New Password"

Step 6 : Add again New password in field "Confirm Password"

Step 7 : Click on "Change Password"

Now You changed your password.

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